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 Peer Gynt Retold Book and CD Proposal 
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I have been enamored with the music of the Peer Gynt suites ever since experiencing them live as a teenager with my father. Listening to recordings more recently led me to research the play that they were written for.The story of Peer Gynt is a wonderful tale weaved with ancient Nordic legends and life lessons but the play seemed very inaccessible due to the long introverted speeches and the unusual rhyming style.

I committed myself to rewriting it to make it more accessible to today’s readers. The manuscript that has resulted from this meticulous effort is aimed at all ages but particularly at 6 to 10 year olds. It is still set in the late 1800s but is told in more familiar language. 

The twists of fate along with Peer Gynts’ unique outlook on life and a sprinkling of good humor make for an enchanting tale of his life’s journey.

I have arranged the music for classical guitar maintaining the subtlety of rhythm and mood of the original orchestral arrangements but in a much more listenable form suitable for accompanying a read-along or audio book. 

This project is ready for publication and sample chapters are available on request. 

A sampler of the audio is available below:

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